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Seated Massage

Seated Massage

Seated Massage

Seated Massage or Chair Massage is a style of massage that is done in your environment and provided to you (or your employees). The sessions are typically short — 10 or 15 minutes — and focuses on your back, shoulders and neck and arms. Seated massage is done over clothes and doesn’t require any massage oil/lotion. For seated massage, you are seated in a special chair with your face resting in a cradle, looking down towards the floor, with supports for your arms. Your back and neck completely relax while the therapist relieves muscle tension using Swedish massage moves like kneading, compression and tapotement. It’s a great way to have muscle tension worked out before it turns into a full-blown spasm. Seated massage is sometimes a free perk at corporate party or event. And some employers bring therapists in to offer seated massage to their employees. Companies can pay the entire cost, split it with employees, or give employees the time and let them pay for the chair massage themselves.


Benefits for the Employer

  • Decreases absenteeism from work
  • Increases productivity
  • Decreases work-related injuries
  • Decreases employee turnover
  • Reduces health costs
  • Reduces workers compensation claims
  • More relaxed and appreciative employees

Benefits for you (or your employees)

  • Decreases stress
  • Clients feel energized after massage
  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph
  • Increases alertness
  • Increases range of motion
  • Decreases muscle tightness and pain

Price: $1.00 a minute for sessions of 10, 15, or 20 minutes (or longer if desired). “For employers providing seated chair massage as an employee benefit, or employees who pay directly and receive seated chair massage on a regular basis, a discounted rate may be available, depending on the number of employees who receive the service.”

NOTE: Seated Massage Therapy is normally provided in a work environment, but can be brought to your home (under regular massage therapy in home pricing) if you have an ailment or injury which would prevent you from being able to lay on a massage table or receive massage lying down.


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