What clients are saying…

What clients are saying…

What clients are saying about their experiences – some of my clientele have felt like they want to express their opinions and experiences of Trinity Mobile Massage with you.

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“I highly recommend Michael and Trinity Mobile Massage.  After sustaining injuries to my neck, shoulder and lower back from an auto accident, I began working with him.  He is extremely knowledgeable and well trained.  The consummate professional, Michael is always punctual with a smile on his face.  His positive energy and healing touch make for an amazing experience.  In addition to therapeutic massage, Michael has incorporated Thai massage into our sessions which has been effective and beneficial in addressing my injuries.  Finally, Michael works directly with my auto insurance for billing and payment, so I don’t have to.  This value-added service eliminates a stressful step allowing me to focus on healing and my recovery.

Reesa R., Denver, Colorado

We have received massage on a regular basis (weekly) for many years.  The cost is minor compared to the huge benefits.  Michael is the BEST massage therapist we have ever had.  He is thorough, takes the time to really get rid of the kinks, aches, and pains, and is a kind and caring therapist and person. We were thrilled when Michael became licensed in acupuncture and have been using him for both massage and acupuncture since. Thank you so much Michael for not only being the BEST, but for being such a friend and such a kind and gentle soul.

Linda and John P., Castle Pines, Colorado Since 2005

Over the years we have had many massages; just after the very first time with Mike we knew he had an exceptional gift and we have gotten to be the recipient for about two years now. We truly can’t say enough about him and excitedly recommend Mike to everyone.

Chick & LaNelle L., Littleton, Colorado Since 2005

I am a 53 year old male marathoner. I appreciate Michael’s vast knowledge of the body to aid me in keeping my muscles and joints in the best condition possible. Michael is very professional in his approach to therapeutic massage, I highly recommend him and his services.

David S., Denver, Colorado Since 2007

Michael Mull has done a great job in helping control pain in my shoulder which has three quarters of its rotator cuff in a very bad state. Between smart application of Spider Tech’s shoulder spiders to help my shoulder,great therapeutic massages on my degenerating and aging back, and convenience of appointments and their locations, Michael’s efforts really help me to keep moving throughout the rest of my life. I recommend him fully.

Bob O., Lakewood, Colorado Since 2012

"The best apology is changed behavior." ~Unknown


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